InspirationInspiration means many things to every person.  What does inspiration mean to you? 

Being a bit of a creative soul, I’m inspired visually, by beautiful photo’s, where black and white or grey-scale with a dash of a single colour are most favoured; design in the form of architecture and innovative, functional furniture.

Beautiful living spaces inspire me too!  Being able to walk into a tranquil, gorgeously decorated home and enjoy a serene environment, with loved one’s, is bliss. Particularly after a day at the office, where I’m not able to dictate my favourite colour palettes, preferred chair or furniture layout.

Technology inspires me too, especially the way in which it enables people to achieve more than they could,  facilitates development and discovery across all industries and most especially, empowers starts-ups.  The rate at which technology has been adopted and the rapid per millisecond continuous improvement, is fascinating. Add savvy, functional gadgets to the list too.

I am also inspired by beautiful words.  English is such a beautiful language, with so many artisinal words, we just need to take the time to learn and explore.  The ability of a person that is able to combine a selection of words, to create a beautiful, heart rendering poem or a quote that relates to you.

I get most of my inspiration, from my son.

His laughter evokes a feeling of tranquility, fun and energy.  His little off-the-wall comments, the passion in which he practices his preferred sports, namely cricket and soccer, not forgetting Hockey, oh and throw in a bit of tennis too. The gentle way in which he has his friends back and when out of the blue, he’ll give me a hug.

Kids are inspirational.

We live in a world where we’re no longer placed in a singular box with a singular passion and limited hopes and dreams, where you’re forced to only focus on one career path, at one company for virtually your entire career. I’m grateful for the fact that I live in the now, a generation where it’s perfectly acceptable to be omnitalented and explore so many more hopes and dreams.

I truly hope you enjoy my site and that it helps to inspire you. 

I’d love to hear from you and learn what inspires you?